How To Make Home Made Electricale Cycle On A Small Budget: 10 Tips From The Great Depression

How To Make Home Made Electricale Cycle On A Small Budget: 10 Tips From The Great Depression

how to make electrical cycle

I will show you how to make a homemade Electrical cycle easy; please read the full article, so let's start.
Homemade Electrical Cycle is Just small Budget mean Just 10Usd Just First You Buy 2 online and Homemade products.

How to make (Home Made Electrical cycle) 

Need Equipment

  1. REES52 24V 250w Bicycle Conversion Kit
  2. Battery
  3. Playwood
  4. old Cycle ore two-wheel and A hand
  5.  steel iron
ok, This product you can own, then you can easy to make a Homemade cycle
make electrical cyce
Electrical Cycle Making Image1

  I was making an electric cycle with all these.
So have reached the cycle of our workshop
We need to remove the front portion and
back wheel from it
We're cutting from this level.
I got our first piece.

This is what we're going to keep in the front.
I can cut this back wheel now.
I am not cutting but removing using a spanner.
We're removing the screw and taking
out the back wheel.
So the two pieces which we needed from the cycle are with me.
making electrical cycle
Electrical Cycle Making Image2

Cycle Making Step 1

One is the back tire and the other the front portion.
This is what we need from the cycle.
We've set a frame like this on our wheel.
We didn't take a video for setting this as it was a lengthy process.
We've set a handle, an extra long one.
So we don't need the other handle, hence cutting it out.

We've cut out the handle.
The braking cable attached needs to be removed as well.
The handle section is acceptable.
The portion cut out from the cycle is welded
with this portion.
This frame stands in 4 channels.

home made electrical cycle
Electrical Cycle Making Image3

At the rear, we have the setup to fix the rear wheel.
So, the handle section is acceptable.
The frame is also ready, and we need to fix the rear wheel.
See here, and we have only cut out
the cycle's section to fix it.
We can push it here and tighten it up.

home made electrical cycle
Electrical Cycle Making Image 4

Make Home made Step 2

Slightly push
We can tighten it. The back wheel is set, and the front wheel is fixed.
The handle is fine as well. So next up, we can use plywood to create the standing frame.
We're cutting plywood according to the frame size.
We need two pieces, top and bottom.

Cut two pieces. So we're going to place the plywood
below first, and we can take the plywood
and put it here.
We can tighten the piece with screws.
We don't need extra holes.

The bottom part is complete. The top is pending.
We're setting up the top part.
We've cut the plywood according to
the design of the frame. There is a place to keep the motor behind. Here as well, we have missed a portion.

We're cutting down a separate piece from the middle.
To open and close, since we keep the battery inside.
So I cut down
We can place it here.
We're placing according to the order
We need to screw these now

Both the sections are tightened, and the middle
is not done because we need a setup to open/close.
For that, we're taking a couple of hinges and setting up.
We can open/close
it in that format when we fix it. So, we've
completed the cabin to keep the battery.

We can see about the engine part for an electric scooter.
For that, I've taken 24v 250w DC Motor.
We've taken three batteries for that, and it has 12.6 V.
so if two batteries are there, we'll get 24 V.
So to run the motor, this voltage will suffice.
We're connecting it as a series.

Like two batteries are joining together to give 24 V.
So the output now wil be to control it,
we need a throttle stick and controller.
I've purchased these all online.
I've placed the link below in Scroll down
We have a key to start.

That's the way we're setting it up.
There is two wire section in the throttle, and one is clipped
so we can connect to the controller, which has a red color clip. Similarly the next section,
we can see three wires; there are three wires in the controller.
Also, the throttle stick has three wires. So, according to the color code, we can connect it.

make electrical cycle

tyre and motore to conect

Make it Fast Step 3

I'll show you after connecting itBlack, R
ed-Red, that's the combination.
We can connect the battery and motor,
if it is working or not.

So we've taken two wires from motor are connected 
As well as the output from the battery,
24V output is attached to this clip.
When we switch on the key, we can see
the indication in the throttle.
When we accelerate, we can see the motor working.

So we're taking the motor into
electric cycle.
We're tightening it with screws.
Or we can use the nut and bolt.
But screws will have much power.
We're going to fix the chain now.
We can remove the rear wheel now.

And then fix the chain.
We can now attach it with the motor.
When we buy a motor, there will be a gear at the end.
We can fix this chain over there.
We've tightened it now.
Next, we can fix the throttle stick and

The Last Step 4

Brakes to the handlebar
We're fixing the brake in the front wheel.
So we can connect it to the brake cable.
On the other side, we can
place a hand grip as well.
We get a hand grip for both sides when buying online.

So the battery and controller are kept inside the cabin.
Earlier I said we would be making a cabin, and inside that, we'll place the battery
and controller.
We've set everything.
The making procedure of the cycle is almost complete.

The last thing is to set a stand in this
So we've taken a small frame from that cycle.
We can weld it here.
So, we've welded the stand here.
Now we can make use of it.
So the making of the electric cycle.

It is completely done.
When we keep it on the stand, it'll be like this.
I'll show you the specs and stuff now.
When we use this key only, the handle section will turn on.
No one else can use the accelerator without a key.

If we insert the key and accelerate, the vehicle will move.
We've brake here for an emergency, which is stable.


How to make a homemade electric cycle in Fast.This blog teach you how to do.sow are all of understand Fully about home made electric cycle.i wish you will understand.